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  • Import and Export Air, Marty and Terrestrial at National and International level.

  • We extend the scope of our business to become the privileged ally in the supply chain of all our customers.
>> Faithful to these principles and without looking away from the future, we continue to progress to adapt to the needs of our customers and to an increasingly competitive environment. <<

We put at your disposal our division specialized in the logistics of pharmaceutical products, both import and export, through which you can achieve competitive advantages and comply with all legal and logistic provisions that are presented:

  • We offer integral solutions, combining all services for import or export.

  • Our differential proposal is based on the monitoring of the entire process, studying each import, from its origin to the final destination.

We offer scrap transport services in full containers, exports to Europe, the United States, Asia.

Wines, cavas, sparkling wines, beers, liqueurs or spirits, musts, juices, broths, dairy products, soft drinks, energy and isotonic drinks and other bottled beverages, as well as other products related to beverages such as corks or bottles.

Tell us your needs and what is your product and our specialized team will offer you the best solution according to your properties, destination, and transit times, optimizing your loads and reducing your costs with an exhaustive care of the product.

We offer our clients logistic services for Wines, FCL and LCL containers, consolidations of several clients and several suppliers, transport in bottles, flexitank, among others.

Logistics services, land and sea transport of minerals, in containers from and to Chile, the United States, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world.

The logistics of transporting dry cargo (dry) or general cargo, is well known by the team of Worldwide Transport, which has been working with these products for many years.
The means of transport chosen, as well as all the conditions and type of container used, are always adapted to the customer's priorities and the product's requirements.
We offer our clients LCL, FCL, Open Top, Flat Rack, Consolidated, Dangerous cargo.

We have experience and a team of trained professionals, who can guide you in the transportation of buses, machinery, for agriculture, mining and transportation, as well as survey services, insurance, customs procedures, road permits, escort.
We are specialists in the machining of machinery, bus in Car Carrier. We can offer services with the main shipping companies with arrivals and departures to and from Chilean ports.

Our specialists are experts in studying, planning and implementing all phases of complex logistics projects, especially:

  • Turnkey projects.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Site inspections.
  • Industrial packaging design.
  • Management of bases and warehouses.
  • Outsourced logistics
  • Multimodal transport design
  • Overweighted and oversized.
  • Chartering
  • Transport of machinery


  • Vuelos charter desde  y hacia China, Asia  ,Europa,  USA,  Sur  América, Centro América.

  • Concentrado de cobre, coque de petroleo, carbón, litio, nitrato de sodio.
Address: Avenida Nueva Providencia 2155, Torre A, Of. 904, Providencia, Santiago de Chile, CP 7510161
E-mail:  |  Telephones: 56 223 350 536 - 56 223 350 388 - 56 222 323 097
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